Radio Control Double Horse 7016 Water Cooled 2.4ghz RC RAPID Racing Speed Boat

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Brand New from the Syma Double-Horse Shuang MA factory 7016 Water Cooled RC Racing speedboat

This amazing remote control speedboat benefits greatly from 2.4ghz technology and you will love the style and handling 


Top speed around  /7 METERS PER SECOND 
we think these are great fun 
Product size: 45 X 18 X 8.5CM 
Colour box size: 60.8 X 12.5 X 24.5CM 
Control Functions: Turning Left/Right, Forward drive and reverse
Battery power: 7.4 volts 1300mah V Li-on battery
Transmitter battery: 9V battery 
Control distance: 80 meters 
Running time: 7 minutes 
Charging time:120 minutes



Motor Water Cooling System
2.4GHZ technology
Professional Large Torsion propeller
Servo Powered Rudder Steering
Only responds in water or added safety!
Large capacity Race battery
all this needs is a pilot to sail her 
this has full function full proportional throttle and steering and up to 16 models can be raced at the same time due to the new 2.4 ghz technology this has 
any questions feel free to ask
some new to the hobby can struggle we often find that it can be customer error and 99% of the time the models are fine ,so do not send it back if you struggling ,just ask .
how to use in general,
charge the lipo , but the lipo in the boat 
put the top on the boat 
place the boat in water till the rudder twitches a little 
turn on the handset and check steering is their an check throttle is their .
if no joy repeat the process .if your still struggling ask,
we recommend this to be used for age 14+ to adults ,due to lipo battery use and it does say on the box age 14+ 
this has reverse yet reverse is best used in the deep ,not at waters edges ,weeds can be at the waters edge and get weeds around the propellers all boats do not reverse well ,they go slower in reverse than forwards by character ,all boats are the same , we recommend you find a nice launch spot ,push it out from the edge ,when clear of weeds and such get on the throttle ,stay away from edges away from where your standing ,sail .fly in open waters ,when the boat slows down bring it back to where your launch pad is and not other edges where you cant get to to pull the boat out ,
we also recommend that you have other boats just in case theirs any problems at sea to bring the boats back in ,a tug boat is always handy but not always necessary .
final sale ,one  double horse 7016  2.4 ghz racing speed boat running 15 mph ,
all clear? 
fancy it ,go on add it to your basket and go have a fly time 
pack includes
1x boat as shown 
1 x battery
1  charger 
1x 9 v battery
1x 2.4 ghz hand set
1x boat stand
1x instruction sheet/manual