NQD Remote Controlled RC Racing Jet Powered Speed Boat

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Tear Into Radio Controlled Jet Boat by NQD – jet set across the water 

This radio controlled jet boat is gallons of fun. Electric powered, and ready to run from the moment you open the box. 

It has a powerful 380 type racing motor and water jet unit. It also comes with a servo steering system so you are in full control. It really is great fun and will keep you, or your children entertained for hours.

We have seen so many DIY brushless Tear Into boat videos on Youtube channel. The Tear Into is a sister NQD jet boat of the lightning, hence the lightning jet boat is a great boat to be upgraded as a brushless RC jet boat. 





17.5inch racing jet boat  

Water jet hull design 

Servo steering 

Radio controller with antenna 

9v Remote controller battery 

9.6v 700 mAh researchable battery pack 

Mains battery charger


What is in the box


1 x RC Tear Into Jet Boat


1 x Remote control transmitter


1 x 9.6V 700mAh Recharger battery & Charger