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Replica NERF - Blaze Call Of Duty STYLE Photon Storm Semi-Auto 7005 soft bullet gun

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This Soft toy gun represents hours & hours of FUN for you and your children. The Photon Storm uses a flywheel powered system to launch foam darts in semi-auto style. The Photon Storm will have your kids away from the TV and running around the house and yard in no time.
Every trigger pull fires one shot in a semi-auto sequence, a "dart pusher" behind the barrel pushes a foam dart in between the 2 spinning flywheels, then the flywheels will catch the tip of the foam dart and "throw" it out of the barrel. It operates on a similar principle to a tennis ball launcher.
The blaster uses an ammo clip that can fit up to 12 foam darts. It is packaged with 10 x Streamline-like foam darts (solid rubber tips) and 10 x Suction-tipped foam darts.
  • Semi- auto mode
  • Durable (made to take the thumps and bumps around the house)
  • Quick reload action
  • Battery operated (requires 5 x AA batteries - not included)
  • 10 soft bullets PLUS 10 bonus sucker bullets
  • Product size:71X8X30cm