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Twin Pack Geman Tiger & M1A2 Infra-red Battle Radio Remote Control RC Tank

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RC Combat Battle Tanks - Set of Two Fighting Tanks - the perfect duo 
The RC Combat Battle Tank set gives you (and your kids!) twice the fighting power. These radio controlled tanks have moving turrets and realistic driving helping you to seek out the enemy. You can use them in comrade or against each other to create the ultimate battlefield! 

They can climb over all manner of obstacles and are ready to aim and fire. With 3 tone desert camouflage you will want to make sure your tank is as stealth as can be. Each control set has sound effect options so you can make your tank sound like it is exploding, shooting and vibrating. 

Infra-red multi player battle system 
Rotational turret
scale detail 
rubber treads 
Full function control and climbing ability of 30 degrees 
Visual and audible effects 

So let battles commence with the RC Combat Battle Tanks! 

What is in the box
2 x RC tanks 
2 x radio control units 
2 x rechargeable batteries for tanks 
2 x UK mains chargers
2 x detachable tank antennas