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Heng Long 3810 2.4ghz Southampton Work Tug Boat Radio Remote Control Model Yacht WATER SQUIRTING

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Radio-controlled tug Heng Long seaport work boat 2.4g-3810 is a model of marine tug on radio control, which performs all the functions inherent in this tug. Removes large ships from the harbor, produces washing of sea vessels from the brandspot, with the help of a crane produces loading and unloading.
We present to your attention a radio-controlled tow with a highly detailed body, which includes an Crane, a rescue boat and rubber tires on the sides. The distinctive feature of the seaport work boat 3810 tow model is a small speed but excellent maneuverability.
The boat can move in all directions. With the control panel you can also adjust the speed of its movement. The model has an operating water gun, which is activated by pressing the button on the body of the model (further control is carried out from the console).
Modes and functions:

Tower with a water gun;
Full management;
Speed control;


Engine 380 type
Move forward and backward, turn left/right
Li-ion battery 7.4v 1800 mAh (Charger included)
Operation time on one charge ~ 15-20 min (charging time ~ 2-3 hours)
Remote Control 2.4g pistol type, action radius ~ 50 m
The battery for the control panel 9 V (Crown type ") is included.


Scale: 1:20
Length: 60 cm
Width: 23 cm
Height: 40 cm

Complete set:

RC boat seaport work boat
Rechargeable battery with charger and adapter for boat
RC controller with 9V battery
Tow stand